With a properly installed valve on your meter, your home and family is protected from earthquake related gas fires 24-7 whether you are home or not.  

We exclusively use The Little Firefighter gas valves to bring you peace of mind.  When safety counts, depend on a seismic gas valve professionally installed by The Earthquake Valve Specialists. 
  • 5.4 magnitude seismic events trigger automatic gas shut-off
  • Complies with all state requirements 
  • Most compact state-of-the-art design 
  • Best flow on the market 
  •  5 year warranty on all parts
  • Manual reset available 

Lilttle Fire Fighter Earthquake Valve - close up
Earthquake valves automatically shut off the flow of gas
Lilttle Fire Fighter Earthquake Valve
When your meter experiences a magnitude 5.4 seismic event the flow of gas is instantly inhibited by an object blocking gas from fueling any flames in your home. 
Earthquake Valve diagram - horizontal mount
Earthquake Valve diagram - vertical mount
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Automatic Gas Shut Off Valves - Fire protection for you and your home