All Standard Installations:  $349.00

Standard Installation Includes:
  • Single gas meter
  • Single 3/4" gas line from outlet side of meter
  • Above ground meter next to house/building
  • Adequate accessability to and around gas meter

Non-Standard Installation Includes:
  • Gas meter on manifold 
  • Any gas piping other than 3/4"
  • Gas meter located under house or in cabinet/enclosure
  • Multiple house lines at gas meter
  • Commercial installations

*Please call for more information and pricing on non-standard installations.  Destination fee may apply if located outside of Santa Clara County. 

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Save Money on Earthquake Valve Installation
Standard earthqake valve installation price $299
Standard earthqake valve installation price $299

  • Special Rates for buildings with multiple gas meters*

  • HOA specials*
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